#Women`s Day 2019

Women’s day celebrated by empowering Ladies in Ekurhuleni!

Benoni, Grapes Restaurant: 09 August 2019, HR Company Solutions, held a Women Impact the Outcome workshop, where they invited 36 unemployed and job searching women from Ekurhuleni and surrounds to participate in a career guidance workshop. The theme of the workshop was inspired by the 1956 women that stood together to fight the women injustices that were affecting our country then. In South Africa today, the women are facing all host of injustices, of which today’s session was dwelling on a large number of women being unemployed compared to men. The ladies that were invited, unfortunately, are also part of the stats of unemployed women in South Africa and they came together to be empowered on how to position themselves in the gender-based-unemployment space.

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Opening the event and the host was Madelein Hendricks, founder, and MD at HR Company Solutions. Being an HR expert at heart, Madelein set the tone for the event by breaking down issues around job-searching. She talked about recruitment agencies when job-searching, provided information on various online job-portals and much more.  Her message was clear, “Investing in your profile which in this case is your CV is an investment, whether you are in the market or not. Having a properly crafted CV and accurate information about yourself in your CV is the best starting point”

To help equip women on their legal rights, Aphelele Tapile, a local labour expert covered the following topics – Are all job interviews fair? How do you differentiate between a fair job interview and nepotism? What are the legalities behind job interview processes? ‘The South African Labour Relations Act protects and advances women of South Africa, promotes fair, equal opportunities and does not reprieve any discrimination made by an organisation that refuses to comply’. She further said, we as women also need to be held accountable in ensuring that we do the right things in our workspaces and also when looking for a job – accurate disclosure even if you have a criminal record is important, because if you flaunt that, you cannot hide behind gender-based discrimination’

The programme was packed with all the formal requirements a candidate needs when they are on the market, but HR Company Solutions did not forget to bring industry expects on personal image, professional presentation and how to properly present themselves when going for an interview, giving the important impression like you are ready to start the job today. Brittany Hosking and D’Mielle Steyl gave the ladies affordable beauty, make-up, and dressing 101 tips. In addition, Martsie Dreyer – Counselling Psychologist & Director of the JvR4Youth Foundation, provided some great advice on how to handle the unexpected emotional toll of career transition and the stress of looking for a job.

She had this to say- think up, the mind is a powerful vessel, take steps in your road-map for job seeking and do the right things to find the job. In today’s world of digital and social media, the 36 beneficiaries benefited from understanding how to use their social media and digital platforms to be found by recruiters. Giselle Rentsch provided important value for the ladies during the workshop, by talking about social media strategies and the dos and don’ts. ‘What content you write on your platform or what you affiliate yourself with, says a lot about your brand, therefore, it is important to sieve through what represents you and ensure that it is a crucial and positive reflection of you. But what is important is that your original self is prominent and your personality comes out, as recruiters look at those aspects.

The Beneficiaries not only benefited from the workshop, but they also received goodie bags with great gifts from some of our exhibitors including Keegor Group and were then given take-home job interview clothes to wear when they are going to their next job interview, just to give them a sense of confidence and to feel like they are dressing for success.

Realeboga Morubane was a beneficiary at this event and she said “I have been struggling to get a job, going to interview after interview but nothing was ever fruitful. I now understand that I need to change my approach to something a bit different and try again.

“All women that attended this event will work with HR Company Solutions to find job placements and will receive the support and insight from our recruitment team in this search. We will prepare them and work with our clients to get job interviews. It is very critical to us to see women being employed because women are the ones playing an important role in molding families and providing for families.” concludes Smit

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