Can your business benefit from one recruitment partner for everything?

Partnering with us will save you time and money – we listen to your business needs and will link you with a dedicated recruiter to ensure that you receive excellent talent in the quickest amount of time.


HR Company Solutions provides All-in-One Recruitment – our diverse team of recruiters are able to focus on all levels of positions, within a variety of sectors. We recruit candidates that are Drivers right through to Directors and everything in between. Can your business benefit from one recruiter for everything?


Our experienced recruiters are qualified to assist your company with your management and executive roles, presenting the very best candidates within every sector and industry. We are resourceful and professional; we maintain utmost confidentiality and we will find the ideal person with the skills that you need.


We would like to extend the opportunity for you to pay as you need your recruit, to create peace of mind for you during their probation period. This is a short term staffing solution where you have the opportunity to pay us and we will pay them at a service fee rate of only 18%.


We offer contractual Labour Hire which will ensure value for money in our placements as it is project or site based. All labour hire is within Councils or BCOE and our service is negotiable with regard to costing. Each company has unique and individual needs and we want to ensure that this service is exclusive to your business needs.


We recruit the most valuable, skilled and effective talent and our team of recruiters are capable of retaining the best candidates for your role.  We specialise in professional recruiting and will ensure that the process of acquiring industry specific staff is seamless and efficient.HR Company Solutions provides a strategic approach to talent sourcing and we have recruiters that are the finest in every field of expertise.


By outsourcing your staff to an organisation that understands human resources and it’s related legalities, you can focus on growing the core of your business. Back office operations do not generate money for the business but take up an inordinate amount of time.It allows you to play a more strategic role in your business by concentrating on operations.


Health & Safety is a vital element to your business and it starts with an attitude. Although your business doesn’t get paid to be compliant with Health & Safety the consequences for not being compliant can lead to your customers going to your competitor and the potential of crippling fines from Government should something go wrong.


In a world of immediate communication and constant evolution, your connection to your clients is valuable and fundamental to your business. All your communication should be reflective of your skills and strengths, your highest quality of products and the value that you place on your clients and your relationships with them.

Partner with us to save you time and money

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