“Redo your resume often, not only if you are in the job market but just to see how far you have come.” – Madelein Hendricks

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+Managing Director of HR Company Solutions

I am a spirited and dedicated HR Professional who is passionate about Human Resources, people and linking the two together.  I pride myself on my experience within HR and recruitment over the last 10 years. I took the knowledge of the field and integrated it with my unique perspectives and decided to start my own company which holds the core values of being the best, with the element of being different and having an impact.

I am a very hands on person that actively recruits while still running my business.  I am involved in all aspects of the process, from design to marketing, promoting people to companies and encouraging my own staff to excel and provide the best customer experience for our clients.

I have been a speaker at various schools, conferences and industry related forums and sincerely strive to have a lasting impact on the industry and each person that I interact with.

I pride myself on being extremely approachable, dedicated to the cause and a “die-on-my-sword-for-HR” kind of lady. I answer calls directly from the office and I don’t channel things through a receptionist – I`m always willing to speak to candidates and clients, so I make myself available 24/7.

I now lead a team of brilliant, sometimes overworked, recruitment specialists. Under my leadership, they aim to give every company in need of recruitment, a solution that is long lasting and valuable. HR Company Solutions has an impressive record of providing consistent employment solutions for all of our clients.  My vision is to epitomize the quote that I live by and encourage all around me to work towards the same goal– “Only hire the kind of people who you would work for.”  – Mark Zuckerberg

I am a mom too, with two wonderful kids. I enjoy family life with my partner – my passion for work is balanced out by the fun, love and support that my family gives me.

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Our Corporate Training specialises in teaching new skills & knowledge to employees.


We encourage the ability of women to enjoy their right to control & benefit for the company resources.


By evaluating clients background, education, & training, to help the individual develop realistic goals.

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