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Partnering with a recruitment specialist will give your business the competitive edge.

In an extremely competitive market, with often tough economic challenges, the need for companies to maintain their competitive advantage above the rest is critical. Having the right workforce to drive the business to achieving future goals, and being able to adapt in a continuously changing world where technology drives change and enhances business practices, is a critical success factor in maintaining this competitive edge.

The most recent statistics show that 59% of businesses view sourcing highly skilled talent as their most important element in the talent acquisition processes.

Attracting and sourcing highly-skilled talent remains the top priority for employers, despite the notorious shortage of skills in the country, in which a further 46% state that a shortage of skills is their biggest obstacle to attracting the best talent, and they cannot rely on AI platforms and social media alone.

For most companies and their HR Departments, Recruitment is easy enough – you just post an advert for your vacancy on a job portal, the interested candidate CVs flood in like water and you select the best person for the job.

The reality of this is very different because hiring the right candidate for the job is a very complicated process with many challenges along the way. The talent pool is very ‘watered down’ with the best candidates often not advertising themselves on a broader scale, or the HR Teams miss the hidden skills and talent within that pool.

In line with this, the critical success factor within a business is its workforce. Making the right investment in the right people is absolutely crucial.

HR Departments are faced with the challenge of ensuring that there is a consistent flow of exceptional talent into the business by making sure that they are hiring individuals who are suited to the company in terms of the job specifications as well as the culture, the vision and the values that it has.

Companies don’t know whether they have made the right choices in their new hires and if the new hires will stay with the company for the long-term hence partnering with a Recruitment Specialist becomes vital. This sort of partnership is one of the best strategies that any company can implement in their hiring practice.

Many talent- shortage issues that companies face are because they fail to implement a process that gives them access to the hidden talent that Recruiters can find as Specialists in the Recruitment field.

Bridging the gap

Recruiters essentially bridge the gap between companies and the best candidates in the market.

Most companies do not have the time, resources and energy to hunt for the talent that they truly need, whereas Recruitment Specialists, do this best. Recruiters are truly connected. They have wide networks and very specific resources to head hunt and source those candidates who are not actively applying for vacancies, and who may not be actively searching for new opportunities. Vacancies are presented to those candidates in a way that sparks their interest in a new challenge. These are the candidates who are any company’s ideal employee with the right skills to take the business to the next level.

Brand is promoted

Recent statistics showed that 87% of companies believe that employer branding impacts positively on the ability to hire the most suitable and skilled talent.

Recruitment Specialists become part of the ‘face’ of the company because they establish relationships with the hired as well as the line managers in the business, making sure to understand the clients’ business from top to bottom so that they can adequately sell them to candidates with confidence. They help companies build their brand awareness in a highly competitive market.

Candidate experience streamlined 

It is often very frustrating trying to attract, find, screen then hire the right candidates when it comes to recruitment and often, companies do not have the time and resources to do this effectively, leading to candidates exploring other opportunities because they feel less important in the process.

Specialists create a positive experience for the candidates as they are instrumental parts of the talent acquisition process for companies, in that they handle full functions from sourcing, to interviewing, to screening and arranging interviews, confirming them, providing feedback and eventually, the offer. They make the process as painless for the clients as possible.

Qualified, quality talent

They thoroughly screen and interview candidates providing all background checks timeously and referencing them in extreme detail with relevance to the job at hand. Some companies believe that screening is purely a process that can be handled via AI, but the human element is vital in this process.

Recruiters have access to all checks immediately so no time is wasted on the important elements that clients may have missed. Because of this, HR Staff don’t even have to interview candidates, the interviews can be conducted by the direct reports/line managers immediately, saving time and valuable people-resources.

In the South African market, the new law surrounding false qualifications has not been instituted; as such the Recruiters are able to verify their candidates’ claims of qualifications, this is because Specialists in this field are accredited to conduct checks on candidates when it comes to crucial Criminal Checks and ITC Checks. Ultimately, Recruiters need to ensure that the risk in hiring without checks is drastically reduced or it is non-existent.

Salary negotiation and advice

Not only do they provide the means of negotiating salaries on both candidates’ and clients’ behalf, they provide advice to clients on the salaries and benefits they should be offering that are both in line with market-related salaries and those of the expectations that candidates have for growth in their careers.

This ensures that the specific talent they need is kept interested and will ultimately accept the offer presented to them. They make sure that the counteroffer is something that does not come up in the process – there is nothing more frustrating than going through an entire Recruitment Process to be faced with a counteroffer.


Specialist Recruiters harness their strengths in various industries and they are able to give clients the right information about market trends in their sectors, the availability of top talent and what the market situations are. Thus, a client can make well-informed decisions on people investments, without any regrets or doubt whatsoever.

Talent acquisition strategies are constantly changing and being adapted to changing environments and technology. Partnering with a Recruitment Specialist ensures that companies and their HR Departments are able to bridge the gap between current talent and the talent needed for the future to attain growth and drive talent-led change. Recruiters are here to help lead some of the biggest workforce transformations by arming businesses with the right teams to achieve their goals and objectives.

Maintaining your competitive edge is easy when you have a Specialist Recruitment Partner at your side.

Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth.”

Marc Bennioff – CEO

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