How do you negotiate salary without putting your employer off or overstating your claim?  It is a controversial topic with many and as humans, we often don’t like to blow our own horn and empower ourselves – employees seem to fear that if they talk to their company about money, they might lose their job or undersell themselves if they are going for a new role.  Chantelle Smith, a recruitment specialist at HR Company Solutions believes that there is a huge amount of benefit to being silent and listening during salary communications.  Listening and gathering your thoughts for a moment is often more empowering for you as a new hire or an employee who loves their job but feels that they deserve more financial rewards.   “Stop selling against yourself, keep quiet and give the other person time to respond to the conversation during these negotiations.  You’ll be amazed at how much it opens up the conversation and allows you all to participate.” says Chantelle Smith.

It certainly is a daunting task during our current economic state to address salary structures and negotiate for yourself, companies are being forced to save on costs and be more effective in their budget strategies.  Timing is always important and there are stages within your career that certainly require a revision of your salary structure.

  1. If your job description has changed and you have taken on additional tasks and more responsibilities within your current role, it is a terrific time to discuss renumeration that is reflective of your skills and time.
  2. If you are consistently over performing in the role and adding great value to the company, you should put your hand up and make it known that you value your input and believe you should be rewarded accordingly.
  3. If you are truly being under paid according to market-related salaries, ensure that you have the facts and can show that you deserve more benefits for what you are putting in.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been promised an increase or additional benefits and they are not being honoured, it is our natural instinct to react and want to resign.  At HR Company Solutions we strongly recommend against this course of action, our job market in South Africa is very competitive and there is a lot of uncertainty in the job market.  Chantelle says, “Don’t leave a job without having another position to go into, rather talk to your manager and understand where the company is with regards to meeting their targets and what their challenges might be – it could be easily solved if you just open the lines of communication.”  Many companies would prefer to retain excellent and productive staff, rather than begin the recruitment process again.  There are always options for you to broaden your horizons and develop your skills to the benefit of both you and your current company.

HR Company Solutions provides recruitment services to all sectors and encourages open and honest relationships where everyone benefits from the process.  Our fees are extremely affordable and our recruiters have many years of experience – we are always open to discussing these topics with candidates and clients.

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