What do recruiters look for in a CV?

The right kind of CV

Recruiters have access to a plethora of tools that allow them to source the best CVs. When using these tools, they still look for specific dimensions. These dimensions stem from keywords pertaining to candidates’ experience, interests and abilities, the formatting of CVs, the depth and presentation of information and the professionalism of candidates.


Recruiters look for keywords?

When searching for CVs on databases, recruiters search for specific words pertaining to their client’s specifications. These keywords include: Your desired job title, your current and previous job titles, your current location and preferred working location, your skills and competencies, and obviously, your work experience. Once they have picked up on your CV from this search, they take an in-depth look into your proficiencies, working experience and your goals.


Depth and presentation of information – what’s enough?

Recruiters look for relevant information in your CV. Relevant information, here, is defined as precise and clear content that contains your past working history, core competencies, abilities and proficiencies, career goals, and accomplishments – which includes all forms of education and certification. Recruiters also look for the reasons why you have left companies you worked for in the past – so consider adding this information on your CV, especially if you have been with a company for less than a year.


Formatting gives recruiters an idea of professionalism.

The formatting of your CV is extremely important. A CV that has no structure or flow of information, could be overlooked. Taking the time to neaten and ensure that your CV is legible, makes all the difference. Recruiters will pick a well-designed CV over a poorly constructed one, as this is a direct representation on the candidate’s personality and professionalism. You can read our last blog post on why we don’t change candidate CVs here.


What should I be doing to get on a recruiter’s radar?

Always keep your CV up-to-date and relevant. Formatting is of the utmost importance, paired with detailed but concise information on your abilities and experience. Fine-tuning what you want from a career and where you see yourself going, will not only help push you in the direction of your perfect job, but help recruiters match you to your ideal position.

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