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As a hiring and HR Manager of a big corporate company or a small to medium size business, you need to look for quality employees that the free recruitment sites don’t always offer you. The challenge comes in when you need to balance the value of spending your time sifting through CVs, versus the value that you may receive from working through an affordable recruitment agency.

The most beneficial advantage to working through a reputable recruitment agency is not only the instant access to qualified individuals, but more importantly, the peace of mind that each candidate has been put through effective background and reference screenings – saving you a lot of administration and paperwork.

As a recruiter, I have come to understand why companies are hesitant to use placement agencies from the feedback my clients have given me based on their poor experiences with companies offering empty promises. Every recruitment agency claims that they will replace the candidate free of charge should they leave the organisation within a certain time frame, but more often than not, the same amount of passion and attention to detail is rarely given when making the replacement recruitment search and the fee that you had to pay has given you no return or value.

Our Solution

Pay as they stay! Not pay and hope for the best.

HR Company Solutions has developed a solution to counter this common problem and give you peace of mind. Our pay-as-they-stay recruitment solution works by companies paying the recruitment fee over 3 months, effectively that being guarantee for the candidate’s placement. Should the candidate leave within the said period, you simply stop paying the recruitment invoice for the said month.

We believe that this recruitment model should be the way forward in the industry and that is one of the many ways HR Company Solutions recruits with a difference.

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