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Madelein Smit – Managing Director – HR Company Solutions

Tell me about HR Company and the work you do there.

HR Company Solutions is a Recruitment Agency based on the East Rand. As a Recruitment Partner to businesses of all sizes and industries, we specialize in sourcing and placing top talent for our clients through our skilled talent agents and the unique technologies we have. We pride ourselves in our recruitment methods – they are innovative and different, and that really sets us apart from other agencies.

Have you always worked in HR? Tell me a little about the work you did before being appointed MD at HR Company.

My passion for Human Resources and people started very early in my career when I managed forecourt staff at petrol stations. I soon moved into the corporate field where I secured my first role as an HR Manager at an electrical company, and then moved to a leading Logistics Company as the Head of their HR Department.

What are the biggest issues facing HR departments at present? And how can they be addressed?

I strongly believe that the biggest issues HR Departments face are that top level management still does not take HR seriously or as seriously as they should be. I believe that if organisations included HR Representatives in their boardrooms as a part of the planning of a businesses, HR will be more effective. I believe that it will be more beneficial for Companies to retain their staff and create a culture for effective business, if the HR Team was more involved. If HR Teams have the same level of understanding of the human capital they need in the company, it would lead to better hiring processes and better business processes as a whole.

What do you find most meaningful in the work you do?

Being in Recruitment and Career development is one of the most rewarding careers anyone can have. We all know what the rate of unemployment is,  and what’s meaningful to us, is where we can be involved in another person’s career development to improve their growth. When they achieve that, that’s where our roles are so meaningful and rewarding. We get to work with and assist so many people from different walks of life and it’s equally as special to find someone their first job, or watching someone grow into a job at their next career level.

What do you think is surprising about the work you do?

What surprises me the most in my work is the lack of commitment we find from job seekers. The statistics of candidates that do not show up for interviews after confirming their attendance, are shocking. In a job market where the demand for jobs doesn’t always match the availability, it’s surprising that there is a lack of dedication and commitment from those very people who are desperately seeking employment and/or career growth. (let me know if that add-on is okay)

What did you want to be when you were a child? Why?

As a child my dream was to have my own Restaurant and a cooking show. I would talk to myself as I tried different recipes and cooked meals for our family every night. I have a great passion for food and I soon realized that food and people go well together.

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