Recruiting With a Difference- The Working Interview

What is the Working Interview?

My passion for this concept came from the frustration of a particular 60 minute interview where the candidate blew me away with everything he learnt from the position on Google.

The saying of “if someone offers you an opportunity, say yes and then learn how to do it later” has become more and more prevalent these days. So often I encounter candidates who have the ability to sell themselves and skills they don’t have very well in the 60 minute interview, but once hired we find that they lack the skills and ability to complete the job.

For me the solution is simple really. I strongly believe that all potential candidates should conduct a 2 – 5 day working interview in the workplace of the potential employer.

During this time, you will soon be able to determine whether the candidate is ideal for this vacancy but also see how they fit into the culture of your business. Are they able to communicate effectively with your clients as well as be a representative for your company brand?

Now many clients have asked me how this can possibly and practically work for candidates – it seems like a great idea for you as a potential employer, but how can taking that much time off of their current job be beneficial for candidates?

No candidate leaves a job for an opportunity that is not better than where they are at, and for them a career change is frightening but also an investment. They too would like to see what this new job is about, what the environment is like and who they will be working with before leaving an already cosy job.

Typically, candidates use leave days accumulated or unpaid leave to conduct this working interview and candidates that are not working, well they are happy to work and prove themselves as they do not currently have a job.

At HR Company Solutions we are so passionate about finding the right candidate for your vacancy that we go the extra mile to ensure that the candidate is in it for the long run, to grow your business but also grow with your company, and therefore we believe in investments and not placements.


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