Are you upskilling yourself this year to help yourself land your next job?

We all have huge plans for the new year and with it already being mid-February, many people haven’t already implemented these changes for the new year.  Don’t feel dismayed, there is still time for you to grow, change your circumstances and improve on your goals and lifestyle.

As many companies relook at their budgets and targets for the year, there are always opportunities within companies for courses and learnerships but you can also take the initiative to find beneficial courses and possibly invest in this or ask your company to invest in you.  As a job seeker yourself, the most important thing is that upskilling allows you to become better at what you do.

The time to update your CV is now, you still need to give notice on your old position and so effectively, you might only be starting that dream job in April or May of this year.  Have you done any courses over the past couple of years that are maybe not reflected on your CV as yet?  There is also an opportunity to start studying towards improving your proficiency and develop your skills so that you are relevant in your industry and you can include this in your CV by the end of the year.  Your skills are a reflection of you and your initiative towards selecting the right business opportunities for you will go a long way towards building your personal brand, giving you the tools to ensure that you are up to date with new systems, ideas, ways of doing things and what’s happening within the ever changing environment around you.  You will feel empowered in many ways and you might even surprise yourself with what you are capable of – imagine how exceptional you could feel when you have the tools to enhance your business output and add real value to your company.

In an ever-changing, developing world, workplace learning should be fast-tracked to upskill and develop staff to ensure employees remain knowledgeable and informed in key industries.  But research into workplace learning by auditing firm Deloitte indicates the opposite. Of the 1 200 organisations surveyed for the Bersin by Deloitte: A Quantum Leap Ahead for Learning Organisation Maturity, about 74% of organisations said they choose to focus on traditional learning methods and not on empowering employees to acquire new skills through workplace learning. Only 38% of workers said they have opportunities for growth and learning at their place of work.  These frightening stats may leave the ball in your court when it comes to building your career and giving it the overhaul that it needs and deserves.  If you take the initiative and boost your skills, you will be more competent and efficient and this could help you to advance up the corporate ladder.

Whether you’re seeking progression within your organization or looking to climb the corporate ladder elsewhere, it’s important to arm yourself with the necessary skills and abilities. A good strategic approach to landing your dream job is through upskilling:


  1. Approach your company and ask them about their skills plan and if there are opportunities from within that you could benefit from.
  2. Take the opportunity to discuss your goals with your manager – maybe management isn’t aware that you are interested in growing within your role or the company and could see how they can build you up and empower you with a short course or something more practical.
  3. Get yourself a mentor – we all flourish when we learn from someone who we look up to and there is potential for you to grow if you are surrounded by like-minded people who are willing to teach you.
  4. There are many short courses online that are inexpensive and might not give you a diploma or degree but will give you the tools that you need to know more and be proficient in things you might not have expected.
  5. Regardless of your position on the corporate ladder,the ability to lead is always in high demand.  Having a balance of hard and soft skills is essential to becoming a leader and there might be an opportunity there for you to take on a project (even if it seems small) that will showcase your skillset and provide management with a new perspective of you.


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