Optimise your recruitment needs and strive for excellence from your staff contingent

Your vehicles aren’t the only things that needs to perform well, so do your staff as they reflect your company and brand which plays a vital role in consumer behaviour, ensuring that your customers come back to your people whenever they need you.

The top seven brands in South Africa all have loyalty scores above 50 percent, which means that at least half of the owners of those brands trade their vehicles in on vehicles from the same brand, and in knowing this, we can gather that how the customer perceives the staff, will impact on where they buy their next car.  This is mostly true for most many other brands too, not just the automotive industry.  It makes you think – are you doing enough to ensure that your customers have the very best experience at your company and become ambassadors of your brand?  Are your staff the best fit for your company and do they know how much of a huge role they all play in ensuring that clients come back to your brand and keep your company afloat?  Madelein Smit, MD of HR Company Solutions says, “We can guarantee you excellent, proficient and motivated staff who will ensure that your customers come back for the exceptional service that they receive.  Our recruitment team co-ordinates with one another to ensure that your staff contingent is reflective of your entire brand and company culture – focussing on the importance of professional ethics and financial management within your company.”


So how do you ensure you have the right people working for you?


  1. Check if they personally use, drive and punt your brand – you will quickly learn how your staff feel about your product and then know if they support your company holistically.
  2. Partner with a recruiter who is knowledgeable and the expert within your sector so that the candidate that you receive are from your sector or at the very least, passionate and want to learn and grow within the sector.
  3. Believe in your staff and give them the opportunity to have faith and believe in your product by letting them drive your vehicles or use your products.
  4. Involve them in promotional days, they will feel enlightened and excited about your brand and want to become ambassadors from within. Great work ethic starts from within – happy staff = happy clients.


HR Company Solutions provides recruitment services to all sectors and encourages open and honest relationships where everyone benefits from the process.  Our fees are affordable and our recruiters have years of experience – we are always open to discussing these topics with candidates and clients and look forward to sharing our insights with you.

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