South Africa is reeling in the wake of a rising fuel price, which impacts on every sector within the country.

Budgets are being reassessed and candidates are finding it harder to travel to many interviews when it is becoming more costly for them and they might not get the position.  The interview process for most companies has always been based on several assessments of the candidate and we have found that most companies do want to see them for a second, third and sometimes fourth interview before making a decision about offering them the position.

As the digital age approaches, there are several ways for companies to change their perspective on their interview process and possibly save their future employees some much needed funds which will go a long way to ensuring that they feel motivated and loyal to the company.  “Many companies are equipped to conduct interviews via Skype or over the phone and we have certainly found that this is effective.”  says Madelein Smit, Managing Director of HR Company Solutions.  “Although it is important for companies to meet with the candidates in person, the rising cost of fuel is a concern as we find fewer candidates are in the position to attend interviews and they tend to cancel at the last minute.”  Companies are facing the effect of losing potentially incredible candidates because they are unable to attend interviews and are not certain that they will get the job, so don’t want to risk the additional costs to their already tight budgets.

Our method of recruiting is unique as we talk directly to our candidates, we screen them ourselves and we don’t change their CV’s – so you will know what you are getting just by being able to look at the attention that they put into design and wording of a CV.  We have found the following to be effective and encourage companies to embrace a broader perspective and build confidence in both your existing and potentially new staff members.  Being in contact with the candidates daily, we certainly have found that candidates are hesitant to attend many interviews and we believe that you can embrace some initiatives that might assist in this process:


  • Offer skype or telephonic interviews, especially for the second and third interview
  • Submit a list of questions for possible candidates to cover which you can follow up on in an interview at a later stage
  • Work your interview schedule around their daily commute to or from work so that they can include this trip to you in their travel which they have already budgeted for
  • Offer a package that will make your offer worthwhile – possibly include a travel allowance to ensure that they get more out at the end of the month


It is always going to be a tricky situation as companies want to be sure that they are employing quality candidates who will invest in their vision and business.  We understand that and want to help ease the process so that you find the right people for your company.  If you schedule many unnecessary interviews where it could be hosted all in one interview, it might be worthwhile as then you have found what you are looking for and your candidate feels that they are not breaking the bank to travel up and down only to be told that they are not the right person for the job.

HR Company Solutions provides recruitment services to all sectors and encourages open and honest relationships where everyone benefits from the process.  Our fees are affordable and our recruiters have years of experience – we are always open to discussing these topics with candidates and clients and look forward to sharing our insights with you.