HR Company Solutions attended the HR Indaba at the Sandton Convention Centre on the 3rd and 4th of October 2018.

The event was filled with the bustle of a variety of people from HR departments from all over South Africa and it was a super opportunity for our team to interact with like minded HR Professionals, share thoughts about the industry and also discuss important aspects of the profession and how we can play a greater, more industrious role in the process of recruitment.

HR Company Solutions is one of the fastest growing Recruitment Partners in South Africa, with a focus on Premium Placement Services. We have a team of well-trained, reliable and experienced professionals with a flair for finding top talent in the most demanding and niche skill areas.

The HR Indaba hosted various talks and sessions presented by people in the industry which leant the opportunity for everyone to gain insightful and solution driven tools to empower them within their Organisations.  Madelein Smit, MD of HR Company Solutions had the opportunity to engage on this platform and delivered a perceptive address to the delegates on the value of powering company performance through staff driven insights.

In her session, Madelein addressed the very relevant issue of what we can do as HR Professionals to retain our staff and create happy and healthy working environments.  She identified that all staff are motivated by different things and that for some they need more money to feel valued but for others it is appreciation.

It is important as an HR Professional to follow up on the goals of your employees and to ensure that they are feeling appreciated within their work environment, that they aren’t too overwhelmed with a workload that could be passed along to other people in the company and that they do feel like they are progressing and growing in their environment as they are often then loyal and will be happy to work for your company and build your brand.

Madelein identified that many candidates leave because they are not managed properly by their supervisors and that this is an important factor if a company finds they have a large turnover in staff, which can often be identified within certain departments.  With this in mind, 65% of the job seekers that HR Company Solution recruiters engage with want to leave their current job because of the lack of recognition. Engagement drives performance for individuals, teams and organisations…

Madelein’s advice is simple – “Take the time to get to know what motivates your employees, engage with them regularly, reward and encourage them for doing well and understand that these people shape your business; in return you will find that good employees will stay with you for years to come.”