Many companies are built on a strong foundation that recognises the value of their workforce and it is widely known that if your employees feel acknowledged, they become motivated and truly believe in your brand.

It can sometimes be easier said than done – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the admin of running your business that sometimes the best part of our business, your people, might not feel that they are having the impact that they’d like to.  Are your staff feeling appreciated, do they know that you need them?  This can negatively affect your bottom line because let’s be honest – your people are your greatest asset.


Everyone has the need to feel valued and this is no different in the workplace, your employees are driven by satisfaction and should feel engaged with your company and their managers.  Compensation is a huge factor in driving staff and keeping them motivated but 61% of staff also feel that the company culture is a factor when it comes to encouraging them.  Many companies implement systems to ensure that their staff are feeling appreciated, but they lack the one on one conversation with their employees and often don’t know how to go about making it personal without encroaching on their personal lives.  Madelein Smit has been in the HR Industry for many years and has experienced all sorts of company cultures that have played a role in the ultimate happiness of the staff members.  “I have definitely seen a pattern when it comes to retention of staff and if there are issues with regards to accessibility to managers, employees being over worked or a general unhappiness amongst the employees, in my experience, many people look elsewhere and move on.”


There are several ways that you can drive loyalty and ensure that your staff are feeling excited about your company and want to stick around for some time:


  • Implement a reward or incentive system – since many people feel valued when they receive something other than what is expected of them, they respond positively to incentives and want to do more and achieve more.
  • Listen to your staff – they often have priceless information about what is happening within the industry and also within your company and this can provide helpful insight into trends that you can develop and nurture.
  • Don’t put extra work on the same people who put in the time – this leads to negative thinking around the job and might increase the frustration that your “good” staff feel towards those who are not pulling their weight.
  • Familiarise yourself with the strengths of your capable staff and encourage them in ways that will help them grow through those things that they enjoy and are good at.
  • Encourage peer leadership and if you have the capacity to get involved with mentoring programmes, allow your employees to help one another develop their own strengths.
  • Be aware of flexibility situations and if you are able to implement systems where people work from home or are able to take time off to watch their child’s sport game, this could lead to them feeling more motivated to work extra time in when they can.
  • Provide opportunities for your staff to better themselves and grow within your work environment – if you can promote internally, or train people into roles, they are more likely to stick around and provide long term loyalty to your company.
  • Keep your channels of communication open and encourage staff to play a role in business development – you might want to develop your brand, bring in a new product or service and grow your company; your staff might know how and have a meaningful perspective on this.
  • Ensure that the working environment is a good quality place for them to be for the day, that they have access to the things that make it easy for them to do their job well and your staff will already feel like you have their needs in mind.


Managing staff is always a balancing act and you as a manager, leader and business owner can have a vital impact on how your staff feel and how loyal they will be to you.  Your staff are your greatest asset, they are the people who drive your business and it’s far easier to hang on to amazing staff that you have confidence in rather to replace staff.


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